Tasìya (Anastasiya Volokitina) won the Montreux Jazz Prize in 2013, the Riga Jazz Stage 2017 and the voicingers in Poland (Grand Prix winner). Added to this is Sammy Lukas's 2017 Yamaha Jazz Prize.

In duo you were successful in 2017 at the renowned Young Munich Jazz Prize.


Together they present modern compositions as well as folk music adaptations from Russia and Ukraine. All this is accompanied by complex rhythms and harmonies, free improvisations and progressive arrangements create synergies with modern world jazz.

The program was also written under the influence of music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky and Prokofiev. Clarified in form and harmony, - partly complex, classical, unusual and sometimes quite jazz-atypical.


The arrangements use different electronic effects, work with loop station and percussion. Sammy Lukas, who began his musical journey as a classical pianist, brings along elements of Russian modernism. You will not hear any typical jazz or even scat in this program, rather a mixture of different vocal techniques that merge into one another and find an unusual new language.

Despite the complexity, the program sounds weightless ... full of emotions, simple and lyrical, without having to think hard ... and lets you see colors and images.

Both the lyrics of the folk songs and those of the new songs tell of current topics, free virtuoso improvisations open the doors of reality.

Teaser - Live concert Munich - Tasiya & Sammy Lukas
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Teaser2 - Live concert Munich - Tasiya & Sammy Lukas
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"I love what I've heard. Tasiya has a beautiful voice, the music is very evocative and full of imagination. That all the pieces are written by Tasiya and lyrics too, is even more impressive!  It's a lovely album. Congratulations." Norma Winstone
"Piano and vocal duets are among the most challenging formats in jazz. Only a few brave souls - Norma Winstone and John Taylor come to mind - even dared to try. Yet here are two young musicians, Nastja and Sammy (there doesn't seem to be any rhythm or harmony he can't play), who are absolutely killing it. A big plus is the strong Eastern European influence, which naturally leads to unusual meters and harmonies. It's extremely interesting stuff, and this duo shines!"  Marc Copland

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