Tasìya (Nastya Volokitina) was born in Odessa, graduated from the Vladimir College of Music with a degree in jazz vocal, and then continued her studies at the University of Music. F. Liszt in Weimar, Germany, under the leadership of Professor Michael Schifel, Professor Jeff Cascaro and Professor Leonid Chizhik. 
Singer and composer, she has performed her compositions to great acclaim with both chamber music ensembles and large classical orchestras throughout Europe and Russia. She performed amongst others with Carsten Derr (DE), Manfred Brundl (DE), Frank Möbus (DE), Sergey Manuquan (RU), Calle Kalima (DE), Christian Lillinger (DE), Sasha Mashin (RU), Rainer Bohm (DE ) Ivan Farmakovsky (RU) ...

She won the Montreux Jazz Prize in 2013, as well as the Riga Jazz Stage in 2017 and won Grandprix Voicingers in Poland in 2013. In 2017, she won the Munich Jazz Prize with the program “New Old Fairytales”. 
The release of the debut album "New Old Fairytales" is scheduled for May 2019 on Hevhetia Records. 

Not so long ago in Budapest Opus Jazz Club, she performs a new solo project for the first time. The program presents contemporary compositions, as well as adaptations of folk Ukrainian and Russian music. All this combined with complex rhythms and harmonies, free improvisations and bold arrangements and is called modern world jazz.

In arrangements, Tasíya uses different electronic effects, and percussion. 
You will not hear in this program a typical, well-known jazz vocal and scat, it will be a mixture of different vocal techniques that, intertwined, turn into an unusual new language.

Despite all the complexity and complexity, the program sounds very easy ... Full of emotions, easy, lyrical, it will not let you think about the complexity of its performance ..., and make you see colors and pictures. The lyrics of both folk and new songs will tell about the always actual, and free and virtuoso improvisations will open the doors of reality.


Both musicians have already won important international prizes, Nastja Volokitina won the Montreux Jazz Prize as well as the Riga Jazz Stage Prize and Sammy Lukas the Yamaha Jazz Prize (best pianist of all German highschool schools in 2017).

The duo presents contemporary compositions and adaptations of old traditional folk music (among others from Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan), which blend with rhythmically and harmonically complex jazz and world music-oriented compositions and improvisations, thus fusing into fascinating sound colors and soundscapes.

This music is inter alia. Also inspired by classical composers such as Rimsky Korsakov, Igor Stravinsky and Mikhail Prokofiev.

In the arrangements the musicians use different electronically controlled (loop) effects and percussion sounds.

In the play of the classically trained pianist Sammy Lukas, elements from classical Russian modernity are always shimmering, with Nastja Volokitina emphasizing her own roots, inspiration from Ukrainian and Russian folk music, jazz and folk music.

Lyrical melodies and Volokitina's own as well as traditional lyrics are congenial. The lyrical-playful, danceric and energetic interactions of the duo produce subtle sound modulations.

Flowing music, weightless and full of emotion, emotional, mystical, virtuosic and full of improvisational boldness.

Teaser2 - live concert in Munich 2018 - Tasiya & Sammy Lukas
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Epic Power & Tas'iya

Brüdaer feat Tasíya

Inspired by the poems of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare, the trio’s compositions also feature own lyrics and sounds from folk music, taking us on a journey from the Balkan states via Ukraine to the forests of Siberia.



Amaranth - Brüdaer feat Tasíya
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