New Old Fairytales

Tasíya - vocals / loopstation / fx / percussion

The release of the debut album  New Old Fairytales is scheduled for May 2019 on Hevhetia Records. Not so long ago in Budapest Opus Jazz Club, she performs a new solo project for the first time.
The program presents contemporary 
compositions, as well as adaptations of folk Ukrainian and Russian music. All this combined with complex rhythms and harmonies, free improvisations and bold arrangements and is called modern world jazz.

In arrangements, Tasíya uses different electronic effects, and percussion. 
You will not hear in this program a typical, well-known jazz vocal and scat, it will be a mixture of different vocal techniques that, intertwined, turn into an unusual new language.

Despite all the complexity and complexity, the program sounds very easy ... Full of emotions, easy, lyrical, it will not let you think about the complexity of its performance ..., and make you see colors and pictures. The lyrics of both folk and new songs will tell about the always actual, and free and virtuoso improvisations will open the doors of reality.



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