„Tasíya combines musical influences from Eastern Europe with contemporary jazz. She enchants us with her beautiful voice, her energy and creativity. She is still an insider tip, but that will not remain for long. Make sure you go and listen!“  Michael Schiefel

"Tasíya is a fantastic singer, who simply masters everything from ballad to roaring rock.“  Kalle Kalima

Born in Odessa, Ukraine,Tasíya (Nastja Volokitina) graduated from Vladimir College of Music specialising in jazz vocals before going on to study at Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar, Germany under Prof. Michael Schiefel, Prof. Jeff Cascaro and Prof. Leonid Chizhik. She has performed her compositions to great acclaim with both chamber music ensembles and large classical orchestras throughout Europe and Russia. She performed amongst others with Ivan Farmakovsky(RU), Carsten Daerr (DE), Manfred Bründl (DE), Frank Möbus (DE), Sergey Manukuan(RU), Kalle Kalima(DE) , Christian Lillinger(DE),Sergey Golovnya(RU),Sasha Mashin(RU),Rainer Böhm(DE).

In 2013, Tasíya was a prizewinner at the prestigious Jazz Voice Competition in Montreux, Switzerland. Concerts at numerous festivals, such as Jazz Festival Würzburg, Lucca Jazz Donna Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival. In 2017 prizewinner at Riga Jazz Stage and at 2017 Grand Prix winner at Voicingers 2017 in Poland.

Latest projects:
- T A S Ì Y A  solo

- T A S Í Y A & Sammy Lukas (with Sammy Lukas  on piano)

- Brüdaer feat. Nastja (Carsten Daerr and Manfred Bründl)

- Epic Power & Tas'iya (  Ivan Farmakovski, Sergey Golovnya, Makar Novikov, Sasha Mashin)

-Nachtfarben (Malte Sieberns piano,Clemens Litschko drums, Markus Rom guitar, Nastja vocals/fx, Martin Bosch bass/composition)

- Manfred Bründl’s silentbass * new edition

  (Manfred Bründl/ Rainer Böhm/Hugo Read)