m o d e r n   w o r l d   j a z z


on Hevhetia Records

"I love what I've heard. Tasiya has a beautiful voice, the music is very evocative and full of imagination. That all the pieces are written by Tasiya and lyrics too, is even more impressive!  It's a lovely album. Congratulations." Norma Winstone
"Piano and vocal duets are among the most challenging formats in jazz. Only a few brave souls - Norma Winstone and John Taylor come to mind - even dared to try. Yet here are two young musicians, Nastja and Sammy (there doesn't seem to be any rhythm or harmony he can't play), who are absolutely killing it. A big plus is the strong Eastern European influence, which naturally leads to unusual meters and harmonies. It's extremely interesting stuff, and this duo shines!"  Marc Copland